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What does 100% Made in America mean to you?

All Metal Components USA ?
All Forgings and Castings USA ?
All Machining Operations USA ?
All Assembly Operations USA ?
All Testing Operations USA ?
All Packing and Shipping USA ?
Can provide proof YES ?

Made in America? American Made? Domestic?

One would think a product that is marked or touted to be Made in America, American Made, or Domestic is just that, consisting of no foreign content or labor. Well, think again. Or even better, ask for proof.

Laying all our Cards on the Table:

Balon only uses metal that was melted in the United States and performs all machining, assembly, testing, packing, and shipping operations in its own 1.5 million square-foot factory in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. No exceptions. We’re happy to provide proof.

Demand Proof. Insist on Balon.