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Balon Hosts November NAPM Meeting


On Wednesday evening, November 8, Balon Corporation hosted the monthly meeting of the National Association of Purchasing Management – Oklahoma City, Inc. (NAPM).  The meeting was coordinated by Mr. Alex Silvestre of GE Oil and Gas, NAPM Program Director, and Mr. Craig Foster of Devon Energy Corporation, NAPM Program Vice Chair.


For this event, forty purchasing professionals were brought together from the following Oklahoma companies and organizations:


  • Amega West
  • Beams Industries
  • Bimbo Bakeries
  • Blueknight Energy Partners
  • Central Plastics
  • Chesapeake Energy
  • CoverCraft
  • Devon Energy
  • DCP Midstream
  • Dolese
  • Franklin Electric
  • Gardner Denver
  • GE Oil and Gas
  • Heartland Pathology
  • Industrial Gasket
  • The Knights of Columbus
  • Maxcess Fife
  • The City of Oklahoma City
  • Oklahoma Gas and Electric
  • Sand Ridge Energy
  • SemaSys




















The evening began with a rib eye steak dinner prepared on site and served to our guests by Balon employees.


Following dinner, Balon employees guided our guests on a rare evening tour of our manufacturing facility.


We visited our machine tool manufacturing department, where Balon’s Scott Davis, Mike Nguyen, and Dung Vu explained how our engineers and technicians design and build machine tools specifically suited to our process requirements.  Stan Mroczka operated Warner & Swasey lathes currently being rebuilt by Balon personnel and outfitted with state-of-the-art electronics.


Thom Davies and Alberto Villaman of our QA department spoke with our guests about Balon’s commitment to quality and about the

unusual approach we take to quality assurance, an approach that requires the active participation of each and every employee in our plant.


Near a battery of Warner & Swasey 3AC lathes, Wayne West demonstrated the numerous quality checks that must be made following each machining process.


Balon rotary transfer necking machines are fine examples of machine tools designed and built in-house to address our special requirements.  Walt Burrow, Dai Ngo, and Dung Ly operated two of these unique machine tools, found nowhere else in the world.


It has become unusual for a ball valve manufacturer to make its own balls, so the NAPM group had a rare opportunity to see how, at Balon, we actually make our own steel balls.  As our guests looked on, Ben Oku and Rosie Anderson turned rough forgings into shiny spheres that will be installed in our 2”-bore ball valves.


Back in our large valve assembly area, Danny Lowe and Albertino Gomez discussed the unique features of Balon’s trunnion mounted ball valves.  Nearby Jaakie Ho and Veronica Shaw displayed Balon’s gear operators, which, like everything else in a Balon valve, are designed and built in-house.


The plant tour ended with our guests looking on as four seasoned Balon assembly employees – Kathy Lam, Joachin Zavala, Jose Rocha, and Juan Garcia – took them through the assembly of a 2” ANSI 600 ball valve.  Of course, as our customers have grown to expect, all material used in the construction of Balon valves is domestic.


Back in the conference room, Mr. Silvestre capped off the evening by presenting Balon’s Co-President Phil Scaramucci with a plaque in recognition of the occasion.


Balon Corporation would like to express its appreciation to NAPM OKC, Inc. for allowing us this opportunity to acquaint you with our company.  And we would like to thank the many Balon employees who helped make this event a success.