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3245 South Hattie Avenue

Oklahoma City, OK 73129


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Plant Expansion Continues at Balon

Balon Corporation is pleased to announce that we have completed construction on a significant addition to our Oklahoma City manufacturing plant.

With our recent building activity, Balon now stands at 1.4 million square feet of enclosed manufacturing area.


On the corner of Mable Avenue and 34th Street, Balon is now fully utilizing a new 303,000 square foot building that houses our massive ball manufacturing operation and also provides much needed additional space for the storage of raw materials.

Situated on a 9.2 acre plot of land, our “Mable Building” required more than 1,300 truckloads of concrete and nearly half a million pounds of reinforcing steel. The building’s structure incorporates an additional 832 tons of steel.


Throughout the State of Oklahoma, across North America, and around the world, our energy industry is expanding relentlessly. With its growth comes an increased demand for better valve products.

The owners of Balon Corporation view the recent additions to our manufacturing plant as an investment in our customers’ future as well as our own.


Whether you are a distributor, an original equipment manufacturer, or an end user, you can be confident that Balon Corporation and our more than 1,000 valued employees will work tirelessly to assure the timely availability of the safest, most durable floating ball valves, trunnion mounted ball valves, swing check valves, and needle valves in our industry: Balon Valves.