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Balon Celebrates Christmas with Employee Luncheon

Thursday, December 20, 2012



At noon on Thursday, December 20, Balon employees were served a traditional Christmas meal at the largest and most cheerful Christmas luncheon in our company's nearly 50 year history.



The weather was cold and windy before dawn when the Balon cooking team began their work, preparing 600 pounds of brisket, 225 pounds of chicken, and 70 pounds of sausage to go with lots of side dishes…like 15 pans of fried rice and 320 pounds of potato salad.


In the meantime, a small army of employees organized and decorated Balon's center building.



At noon, with holiday music in the air, more than 900 employees and contractors lined up for a delicious hot meal and a big slice of cheesecake.






Balon's owners took this opportunity to honor retiring employee Ray Walker, who served in our accounting department for 33 years.



Following the luncheon, employees were able to claim either a cooked ham or a smoked turkey with the best wishes of Balon.



The owners of Balon Corporation wish to thank the many employees who contributed to the success of this year’s luncheon.  And they express their sincere appreciation to all Balon employees, whether here in Oklahoma City or elsewhere, for a year of hard work and record accomplishments.