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Balon Corporation

3245 South Hattie Avenue

Oklahoma City, OK 73129


405-677-3917 (Fax)


Balon in Canada



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Our Mission


To assure growth for the Company and opportunity for all employees, it shall be our aim to:

  • Produce valves with the safety of those who use them as our uppermost and defining goal.

  • Provide our customers with valves that perform as promised, at a price reflective of their true value to the user.

  • Meet the needs of our customers by maintaining a worldwide distributor network and a full-time staff of factory trained valve professionals in strategic geographical locations.

  • Respond promptly and courteously to all customer and distributor inquiries, questions, and problems.

  • Make certain that all Balon employees understand and implement our commitment to customer attention and customer satisfaction.

  • Treat our vendors, customers, distributors, and employees with equanimity and honesty.